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I will be putting up kriyas and meditations and other practices that I have found to be helpful for returning the body to its natural healing rhythmic order. Of course right now we are experiencing a pandemic in which extra caution must be taken to insure that you not only NOT get the virus, but that you do not transmit it (whether you know you have it or not) to others.


The news changes every day, but one thing is sure: taking care of yourself should be your primary concern. That means nourishing your body with healthy food and quality supplementation and feeding the mind with meditation and positive thoughts of healing, strength and vitality. Make sure that you get ample rest, keep yourself hydrated and do your best not to stress out. 

Everybody's life has changed drastically in the last week; we are much more alert and conscious about cleanliness and germs and how we occupy and share space with others. And now that the initial shock is subsiding somewhat, I see people are beginning to ask how they can be of service to others; to those who might need some extra assistance and support. 

Our Sunday morning Heartbeat House class has gone LIVE ON LINE. On March 15, we held the class at the studio on Instagram and this is the class from that day. Today and all Sundays until we go back to normal we will hold the class through the Heartbeat House account on ZOOM.  You can register for the classes, Kumbi will send you a link, and you can tune in on your computer, iphone, or ipad. We are working on working out the kinks...so if you have any suggestions on how we can make the presentation better, please let us know.  

Next week, we will have the gong. I highly recommend that you make Yogi Tea to drink throughout the day. Yogi Tea is a wonderful immunity building drink and cleanser and gives you a lot of energy.  Sat Nam.

This set below is from the classic Kundalini Yoga book, Yoga for Youth and Joy. In the practice of Kundalini yoga, you may lessen the times of the exercises but not extend them. You must also practice the exercises in sequence and exactly how they are written. This set is powerful and effective; working on many systems in the body (besides the Lymphatic system).  Regarding the one-minute breath: this is widely written about and published in many manuals but this particular write up is taken from my book, The Eleven Yogic Arts of Creative Living. I believe that the one-minute breath can change your life in a very short amount of time.


"Wherever you plug your mind, That  you shall be." - Yogi Bhajan

from 3/29 Zoom Heartbeat House class

zoom heartbeat house class on Palm Sunday, 4/5





This Set is From our Easter Class 

Class from April 26 on Self-determination and Will power

from Sadhana Guidelines

from Praanee, Praana, Praanayam

Narayan for Restoration  -May 17

NarayanChardi Khala Jeta
00:00 / 21:24
Narayan ShabdSSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji
00:00 / 33:03

Profound Healing 6/28

can't get enough of this one

Restore Love  - July 19

July 26th - Becoming a Channel to Uplift  Others

***This set is from an old book called Maintenance Yoga. We listened to two versions of Ang Sang Wahe Guru: White Sun's beautiful transcendent version and Mirabai Ceiba's revolving track. We listened to  Ajeet's version of Sat Narayan Wahe Guru. I accessed all music today through Spotify. 

Be Great !  Aug 2, 2020

"You are beautiful. You are wonderful. You have a chance of life. Give this earth something, which should live forever. Talk to this earth that your words may be resounding on this planet forever. You can be understanding one thing. You may be elephant, but if there is no anchor on it. What use that is? To control your anger, to control your angriness, to control your energy, not to let it come through moods. Not at all. Let you be you. Let your moods be subject to your consciousness. Elevate yourself. Make yourself in a perfect balance. There are days and there are days. There are months and there are months. There are years and there are years. But there are chances and there are disappointments. Chances and disappointments are always in there. Your job is to take the chance and disallow the disappointment. That only can happen if you can keep your balance." - Yogi Bhajan, 1984

Creative Ignition - The Fire Tattwa

You might like to see this video from At Home with The Eleven Yogic Arts of Creative Living which includes the lecture from today's zoom class as well as a breakdown of the Aerobic Hars...


Guru Ram Das (feat. Yogi Bhajan) - Feather and Dot

Gobinday Mukunday  - Jaya Lakshmi

Sat nam Wahe Guru  - Singh Kaur

Guru Guru Wahe Guru  - Mirabai Ceiba

White Sun Drums  - White Sun

Hummee Hum  - White Sun

The Masters Breath (Tibetan singing bowls) - Chuck Jonkey

My own recording of Sat Nam Wahe Guru on repeat (iphone on repeat)

Cover Your Self  -  Aug 16


The radiance and beauty of a person depends on the clarity and shine of their circumvent force field, which in turn depends on the balance of energy in the left (moon) and right (sun) sides of the body.

This pranayam creates this balance and allows the mind to rid itself of doubts.

Posture: Site in Easy Pose with an erect spine. Arms are straight with hands on the knees in Gyan Mudra.

Eyes: the eyes are OPEN gazing straight forward.

Breath: Inhale for 5 seconds. Suspend the breath for 10 seconds and then exhale for 5 seconds. Begin with this rhythm and gradually increase the breathing time to inhaling 10 seconds, holding 15 seconds and exhaling 10 seconds.

Meditate on the inflow and outflow of the breath. It is the divine spark of life.

Time: continue for 10-15 minutes.

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