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Updated: Dec 23, 2018

The Cosmic Creativity is a public access channel. You just have to figure out how to get reception and hook up to it.

"Creativity is not just for artists. It's for businesspeople looking for a new way to close a sale; it's for engineers trying to solve a problem; it's for parents who want their children to see the world in more than one way." - Twyla Tharp, dancer and choreographer

A creative person is always working whether they are in the studio or not. The radio receiver is always turned on. Creativity in Daily Life means that you are consciously listening, seeing, matter what you do. Being aware of the world around you and inside of you. Dealing with things as they come, managing emotions, practicing a discipline to keep the channels open and clear. Moving the body. Controlling the mind. Nurturing one's sensitivity. Each and every person, artist or not, has their own way. Creativity in daily life is not in the's in the LIVING.

Some people "wait" for inspiration. Some people show up and do the work on a daily basis, inspired or not. There are many schools of thought on this issue. In either method, I agree with writer Henry Miller when he said that when the time comes, "it's a mere matter of transfer." The brightest idea, the most brilliant thesis, the most original and sought-after screenplay, the cure for an incurable disease, a whole symphony from soup to nuts, your next series of paintings, a novel, or a solution for a mathematical problem. You might see in your mind's eye the complete choreography of a ballet, how to scale a mountain you're planning to climb, the meaning of life, a fully-realized building, and lots more may come to you when open and connected to the vast infinite pool of Cosmic Creativity. 

The whole thing can come in a flash. Or it can come in fragments or ideas. Filmmaker David Lynch said "An idea comes — and you see it, and you hear it, and you know it…"

What do you do with this idea that comes to you... this idea that is probably coming to other people at the same time who may or may not be as open, aware and receptive as you are?

"We don’t do anything without an idea. So they’re beautiful gifts. And I always say, you desiring an idea is like a bait on a hook — you can pull them in. And if you catch an idea that you love, that’s a beautiful, beautiful day. And you write that idea down so you won’t forget it. And that idea that you caught might just be a fragment of the whole — whatever it is you’re working on — but now you have even more bait. Thinking about that small fragment — that little fish — will bring in more, and they’ll come in and they’ll hook on. And more and more come in, and pretty soon you might have a script — or a chair, or a painting, or an idea for a painting."

Tell your ego to take a hike. There is nothing that is "yours"; it belongs to all of us. You can think of Cosmic Creativity as a Public Access Channel. You just need to tune in...or in computer terms, " to uplink".  The definition of uplink is to link from a ground station up to a satellite. The word YOGA means "to yoke or join" - in particular, the finite physical world with the great beyond; in other words, from our ground station to the Cosmic Creativity Channel.  Some call it Infinity. Some call it God. Whatever you call it, it's where truth, purity, love, fearlessness, grace, compassion and creativity dwell. It's also where the ideas are.

Many people I've worked with say "Oh, but I'm not creative!" EVERYONE IS CREATIVE BECAUSE WE ARE ALL, BY NATURE, CREATIVE BEINGS. Perfect and "in the flow" when we are born, we shut ourselves down for one reason or another as we age; sometimes to fit in, sometimes to avoid being judged. We we cultivate negative habits like negative self-talk and we wonder why we feel stuck. We get to a certain point in our lives and we realize that we want to be happier, to experience more joy, love, prosperity, and creativity in our lives. When you are creative, you are living as you were meant to be.  Yogi Bhajan said that the Creative Flow is the purpose of life. 

You can either create an identity or you can create an identity crisis; you can create powerful positive trends in your life or you can create disaster and corruption. Both come out of the Creative Flow but how we direct the energy is up to us. 

How do we uplink to this Creative Flow? By applying the principals, kriyas and meditations of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. You must meditate. You must discipline the mind. You must move the body with yoga. You must breathe consciously. When you practice on a daily basis, you will find that everything you do can be connected to that infinite source. You can connect to the "satellite",  but you must develop the energy and nervous system strength to sustain the connection. It is your business to stay in awareness and keep the channel open. 

The iconic dancer Martha Graham said:

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open. You do not even have to believe in yourself or your work. You have to keep yourself open and aware to the urges that motivate you. Keep the channel open."

When you live your life with the creative flow activated in you, it doesn't matter WHAT you do, you can still have a beautiful loving uplifting affect on others. WHAT you do is a vehicle for the cosmic flow to pass through you and into others. What lights a fire in you will light a fire in others. That's why being an artist comes with the condition that you must share. Albert Einstein said"Creativity is contagious. Pass it on."  You can say the same about love.

“Creativity and love come from your sensitivity. A developed sensitivity in character gives you commitment. Commitment in turn gives you more sensitivity of character. They are interrelated. That is how this planet runs.” -Yogi Bhajan

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