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Yogi Bhajan said that "creativity is nothing else but to create impact" and of all the subjects in this series, I get the most excited by this idea. 

The dictionary definition of impact is the force of impression of one thing on another; in other words, a significant or major effect. As an artist, I know that something you create can have an effect on others but the words we speak and our actions, too, can be equally profound. Who we are and what we deliver determines our impact. The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Making art, making friends, making business associates, making a name for is all according to the impact you have. Call it a first impression or a lasting effect, impact has nothing to do with wealth or poverty, happiness or unhappiness. Impact is what effect your actions have on others or your community. Period. Referring to Christ, Yogi Bhajan said that it was the impact of detachment and attachment with godliness that made him the Christ, not the nails!

"Impact is your highest virtue. It's not impression, it's not winning, it is not losing, it is not convincing, it is not conquering, nothing of all that sort which you know means a thing. It is your personality impact which becomes your reality in your own life. And it owns you. You understand that? When you discontinue the inflow and you disturb the impact, you create the ripples, you create the tears, you create the cracks and you devalue the value of your own personality." - Yogi Bhajan

Which brings me to inflow...because inflow and impact are like peanut butter and jelly. "Life is held by impact. And it is fed by inflow."  Yes, you have to feed your creativity and you do it with inflow. KEEP UP AND YOU'LL BE KEPT UP.

Inflow and outflow of creativity should always be in balance. Think of breathing; the inhale feeds the exhale. Inflow is the by-product of uplinking to the Creative Cosmic Flow channel. Inflow is when the thought waves become ideas. Inflow is your feeding tube which consists of your spiritual practice, your promoting habits, your patterns, your responsibilities, your commitments, your environment, etc. All these things feed your creativity. 

Impact is the initial imprint which you create. When you are in a state of flourishing, you are nurturing the creative act; preparing for the impact which, of course, occurs after delivery. Your life depends on your deliverance:  "What you deliver, that is what you are"....and that, my friends, depends entirely on the impact that you have.

Let's take it one step further. Let's say you are making a project. Given the circumstances, the parameters of the project, your responsibility, and your artistic practice and acumen, it must be in balance with the outcome. You must be able to handle the impact it may or may not have; good or bad. What is it's social, political, historical implications? Will it offend? Will it please? Will it uplift? Will it make people angry? Are you fit to handle the outcome? If creativity is nothing else but to create impact, you have to make sure your body, mind, spirit are up to the task! Fearlessness, risk-taking, nervous system bandwidth, compassion, power over your mind and emotions are all strengths you can develop in your Kundalini Yoga practice. 

"It is very creative to be angry, it is absolutely creative to be depressed, and wonderfully creative and objectively to be neurotic, yeah, it is creative, believe me or not. And there is nothing more creative but to be obnoxious and supreme quality of creativity is to be corrupt and dishonest, and disloyal. This is all creative, because it needs energy to create a atmosphere in which you can project and create a atmosphere of impact."- Yogi Bhajan

Creativity runs on energy.

Remember that it is the same creative energy to be noble, to be pure, to be loyal and trustworthy, to make good on your commitments, to create new ideas and products, solve problems, "discover new elements in the universe or in the society, help and counsel constantly on the positive notes, socialize, smile, uplift, elevate fellow human beings."

What is YOUR gift? Imagine if you could use your gift for something that could help humanity. Imagine looking beyond your own self-expression and seeing how your gift could make other people happy. When you look at your self, when you listen to your self, you make the kind of changes that other people feel. It all starts with YOU. Making yourself aware of how you impact others will give you a whole new perspective on what you can use your creativity for.

Yogi Bhajan said "Your self is the only conscious voice you have, deep with you. Develop the habit to listen to yourself whenever you are confronted with anything. Tell yourself, through a meditative mind, "I must listen to myself." It is the first step of friendship between the body and the soul."

Maybe you don't think you have a gift....I disagree, but if you still don't, then think of your job. How can you infuse your job with creative energy so that you can make people feel good? If you are having a good time, everyone you come in contact with will have a good time, too. Listening to yourself will teach you how to listen to others. Getting rid of your own neurosis will help others to get rid of theirs. Your positivity will be infectious.

"Highly creative is, live as a character actor, most beautiful gift is, give somebody elevated vibrations. Soothe people, get rid of your negativity and your corruption, so that people can start liking you and following you, create a image of grace...give people hope, that you love God. Hey, listen to this, give people hope that you love God. What I have done, tell me? I have a nose, you have nose, I have ear, you have ... I have forehead, you have forehead, I go to bathroom, you go to bathroom? I eat, you eat, I pray, you pray, I worship, you worship. What is the difference between us?" - Yogi Bhajan

Love, Peace and Sat Nam Raghubir

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