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Updated: Dec 20, 2018

"Wherever you plug your mind, that you shall be" - Yogi Bhajan


Back from Summer Solstice and three days of White Tantric Yoga; an incredible mental, physical, and spiritual workout. Whatever is lurking inside you - old emotions, thought forms, and self-initiated limitations - they all come up to meet the Tantric force head-on. It can be very uncomfortable. It can also be a very cozy situation. It depends. But whatever you need to adjust, gets adjusted. Whatever you need to deal with, gets dealt with. It's just a simple truth and it's the most powerful experience ever.  

In the middle of this process (middle being an approximate word) I asked for a word, a sign, a key... and the word "humility" came to me. I sat and I meditated on it for a while. And, as I often do, I go to the Library of Teachings and go on a word search. For those of you who haven't been there, it is an archive of transcribed lectures, videos, kriyas, etc. As a teacher, it is the most useful and inspiring tool and I recommend that you check it out. Anyway, back to my story...

What comes up first is a lecture by Yogi Bhajan from 1971 Summer Solstice entitled "Relation of Mind to Universal Mind". 

"The best way is when there is a holy gathering seeking to unite the universal light and it is under the governorship of a mind so tuned into the one that being, the universal being all beings become the part of the universal being and thus mind is cleansed. From a high voltage underneath when you pass your magnetic field changes. If you want to see an example, take a watch which is giving a very regular time and just stand under the wires which are carrying about eleven thousand voltage current. After sometime you will be surprised to know your watch starts giving a wrong time. That is why your watches have been made anti-magnetic. Because the higher current changes the magnetic field of the unit watch which is that small little iron piece. It turns into be a different magnetic with a different magnetic field than it is. Exactly when we create a magnetic field by the tuning of the individual mind into one universal mind into such gathering we change the basis of our magnetic field as individuals." - Yogi Bhajan, 1971

This is what happens at an event such as Summer Solstice; the gathering of individual minds into one gargantuan mind so that inside the collaborative magnetic field, the mind can purify and expand. Such minds seek through sadhana (daily practice) and through the sat sangat  (the company of others seeking purification and expansion). Sat means truth, so sat sangat means "truthful company". Yogi Bhajan said that when sadhana is done in truthful company the mind expands.

The practice of yoga can give you certain "powers" also known as siddhis. It is not the goal of the practice, but heightened senses and abilities do occur. If you have been practicing for a while, you might notice that what you say happens. You might feel that you can manipulate situations. It is called the tattwa siddhi. Like with anything else, we can get stuck in the ego about it..."hey look what I can do" and we become limited as a result. The whole Kundalini Yoga practice is to become unlimited, yet we magnify our limitations because that is what humans do. 

"Therefore man has to understand one thing. Man is always limited and he even becomes limited when he has some sort of ego, he becomes unlimited when he becomes ego less, because until you do not give yourself to the unlimited you cannot become unlimited. This is a simple tuning of the mind. Plug your mind into the unlimited Ek Ong Kar, the one unlimited Creator whose energy flow in this universe, you shall become unlimited and so long you go on attaching or plugging your mind into the limited self you shall be limited. It is a simple basic law on which you must walk. Whatever you want your destination is your problem because you are the one who are to seek the God consciousness,  you want to seek it in a limited manner it is fine, cool with me. If you want to seek it in unlimited manner, it is perfect. But must you remember wherever you will plug your mind that you shall be."

There are other powers - the power to create anything out of the air, the power to travel astrally and give a message, the power to be heavy, the power to be as light as a feather, the power to fly, and so on. Yogi Bhajan said these are gimmicks and do not give contentment. Vaak Siddhi is whatever you say becomes truth. It is a great gift but even greater than that is Gian Siddhi, which comes to those who have true practical humility and are at one with the Universal Mind.

"Guru Nanak said, 'lalo, as my master speaks through me so I give that wisdom to the people'. He never said 'look, how great I am, I am telling all the truth to the people'. Nothing doing. He said 'as his master flows through him so he gives the wisdom'. And when you teach any class you are teaching a medical science, you are teaching a yoga, you are talking to a person, you are discussing anything, you are facing any problem, you are communicating with another person, you are teaching. Whenever you vibrate, you teach. And thus if you vibrate and tune your mind at that time that you are a creation of the universe and you are a universal mind, therefore you must speak what comes to you as truth. You will have the power to become effective, it is known as a siddhi, which is more powerful. It is known as gian siddhi...a rare gift granted by God to those who become universal mind that when they speak, they do not know what they speak, sometime you may not totally hear what he is speaking but it gives in you the knowledge. Words do not matter, sentence may not be complete, adjective and adverb may not be specifically correct, but when that man speaks, it opens the heart of another being. This gian siddhi comes to those who think knowledge does not belong to them, it is a universal knowledge and they are the pure humble channels. That humility in that person, in that trained mind, you have to train your mind that way. In that trained mind shall give you this power and your magnetic field will vibrate and create a knowledgeable magnetic field in the unit field which comes in your contact. And that is the best way to teach."

Humility can always get you out of trouble. When you see things happening around you and you are confused and emotional and you don't know why or how and what you can do to get out of it, you must train the mind to be humble and tune into the Universal Mind. This is where emotion is converted into devotion. This is where you are free from cause and effect. Your liberation in this life body is possible only through practical humility. When you feel that you have been created by your creator to serve humanity, then you are serving, not manipulating. You may know something and you can share it with others. You should not be attached to whether or not it is received or even understood. Maybe there's a student with whom you have shared a truth. It is none of your concern whether they follow your advice or not; you can't get attached. Like Guru Nanak, "as my master speaks through me, so I give that wisdom to the people". Period. End of story.

The whole point of this is that whatever you have to deal with in this life, will come up at some point. You can cultivate awareness and skills to process them or you can bury them and become neurotic, angry, depressed, and fearful. You can cultivate an attitude that enables you to welcome the lessons rather than avoiding them. You have to take control of your mind if you want to be healthy and happy. And wherever you put your mind, that is where you will if you put your mind in the Universal Mind, your life will unfold in the most beautiful fashion, without limits and boundaries. Your limitlessness will inspire others, breed compassion, love and creativity, uplift others, and transform the planet.

"Don't you understand there is one energy cosmos, which produced you all? Then why you bisect yourself into different sections and create friction and tension and bring unhappiness on this planet? Why your ego exploits the soul when you say my way is the only way? Why do not you open your heart? Where your power to forgive has gone? Where the power from the heart chakra to be compassionate has gone? What has gone wrong with you when you cannot give love to others? Why don't you feel everything in this earth belongs to you? Because you are in the scheme of this planet. This universe is ugly without you. You are a link of this entire creation. You are here for a purpose. No element can be formed without a missing molecule, is it not a scientific law? And are we not a unit mind molecule of that whole universal mind?  And how can this planet be beautiful without you? But you create heat. You create friction, and that is where you make the planet ugly. Otherwise there is no reason to even think. You are a part of the universal mind and when you plug yourself in, you become universal mind and the beauty is all desires of the universal mind are pre-fulfilled and all desires of a limited mind have to be fulfilled. And there are many examples where it can be proved. A limited mind ends up all life hassling, a universal mind does not hassle at all. Therefore you have the right to choose whichever way you like. Choice is always with you and you are free beings, you are beautiful beings, you are a part of that universal being, therefore you can make choice. Make it now so that you may know where is your goal? Where is your destination?" - Yogi Bhajan, 1971

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