What is a Blueprint for Creativity?

Creating a Blueprint for Creativity is an essential tool for living an extraordinary life and appears as the eleventh yogic art in both my books. It consists of a plan of action that includes various elements such as a dedicated creativity practice of some kind, yoga/meditation/pranayam/mantra practices, acknowledging gratitude, and a commitment to paying attention and self-care. Designing your own blueprint takes into account your own individual needs, your schedule, and personality. Why would you design a plan that you couldn't sustain? Many people do this and give up shortly after committing. My aim is to help you to create a daily practice that will stay with you for the long haul. Helping people give birth to their true creative selves is something I've done for most of my life, and a do-able, sustainable daily practice is the key to success.

My vast knowledge and experience as an artist and arts educator has given me practical knowledge of the creative process in many fields including visual arts, music, performance, and sports. I've taught many courses on the effect of Kundalini Yoga on creativity inside of the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts as well as teaching workshops at the Rhode Island School of Design, UCLA, and OTIS College of Art and Design among others.. As a professional artist, I have trained young artists to have the courage, initiative and confidence to work in the professional art arena. And on the subject of training, having participated and trained for many sporting events myself, I understand how the yogic approach can be utilized for improving athletic performance and honing a competitive edge. Whether they know it or not, my current students at Notre Dame High School are benefiting from yogic tools that help them think creatively when handling problems or impasses in their work.

I can help you to design such a Blueprint for your specific goals. Contact me for more information.